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About The Artist

Shane Dorey was born in 1986. From a very young age his mother always encouraged her children to make art. Being creative was always highly valued in Shane’s household. In high school Shane discovered his passion for sculpture when he began working in the ceramics studio. He spent so much time in the ceramics department that he earned an outstanding achievement award and became a ceramics teaching assistant. At the age of 19 he first discovered glass blowing and it was love at first sight. The fire, the creativity, the danger and the glowing molten glass made for an irresistible environment for Shane. After getting a taste of glass making he discovered a studio in his area called Thames Glass. Here he began his mastery of the material. When he started Shane had no practical skill but he was dedicated to the craft and quickly began learning the skill of glass making. He spent twelve years at Thames Glass steadily gaining skill, experimenting on his own and honing his craft. During his coalescence he has worked in many different glass studios including the Corning Museum of Glass, Evan Schauss Glass Universe and STARworks Glass Studio. After mastering the technical skills of glass making Shane began using the glass as a vehicle for his artist expression. He is currently building a body of work and pursuing his creative dreams in Little Compton, Rhode Island.